Ever wanted an effective and awesome way to burn stuff in your back yard? Good news! You can now buy your own flamethrower from the folks at Throwflame: http://www.throwflame.com

Use coupon code fn15 to get a free set of napalm mix (currently $125 value) with the purchase of an X15 flame thrower! I’ve personally tried this product, and flamethrowing is a great adrenaline rush.

We got our hands on one of these to personally review it. It was as fun as it looks, but HOT! Wear gloves and goggles for sure when using a flamethrower. Stay safe and have fun!

Remember to use coupon code fn15 for a free set of napalm: http://www.throwflame.com

Flamethrower Pics

flamethrower for sale at throwflame

flamethrowers for sale at throwflame



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