Contrary to what U.S. Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy once famously said, a barrel shroud is not a “shoulder thing that goes up,” but rather it’s a barrel attachment that prevents the shooter from burning his or her hands on a hot barrel.

Moerse Lekker offers two different barrel shrouds for the FN PS90 carbine—one vented, and one not; the non-vented version is essentially a fake suppressor, in that it looks just like a suppressor but doesn’t actually affect the noise level of the gun. This review covers their vented barrel shroud, which is pictured below (the non-vented version will probably be reviewed at a later date).



In my experience, Moerse Lekker’s PS90 barrel shroud works exactly as intended. I’ve fired at least 500 rounds since attaching the shroud to my PS90, and I haven’t experienced any issues with it. After firing the rifle, the shroud is usually cool the touch, even if the barrel itself is not. In the case of rapid fire (with strings of more than 50 rounds at a time), the shroud does start to warm up, but even in that scenario it’s still much cooler than the barrel itself.

In my experience, even in rapid fire, the shroud will not be displaced at all. It sits very tightly on the PS90’s barrel so you can pick up the gun by grabbing the shroud, if need be, and the shroud will not wiggle or come loose (not that I would recommend picking up any rifle by the barrel end, but it’s nice to know).

The shroud’s fit and finish are excellent. According to the manufacturer, it weighs only 4.5 ounces, and in my experience, the added weight on the rifle is not even noticeable. Installation is easy (an Allen wrench and screws are included) and the shroud can also be removed quickly if necessary.


One of the primary benefits of this barrel shroud is that it just makes the gun look much better. The PS90’s unusually long barrel stems from a U.S. federal law requiring civilian rifle barrels to be at least 16 inches, and most people would agree that it looks highly unnatural (especially those who have seen the standard P90, with its compact 10.3-inch barrel).

The Moerse Lekker barrel shroud, however, makes the long 16-inch PS90 barrel look much more natural; and in my opinion it drastically improves the overall appearance of the rifle itself, which is great news for anyone that can’t afford to invest their time or money in the ATF legal registration process for a shorter barrel.

All in all, this is a great product. It works quite well as a barrel shroud, and it’s a great cosmetic enhancement for the PS90. As of this posting, the price for Moerse Lekker’s PS90 barrel shroud is $73.99.

For more photos of the PS90 and the Moerse Lekker barrel shroud, visit our photo gallery.



David is a Missouri native and a long-time writer, photographer, and gun enthusiast. He is a member of the National Rifle Association, the Second Amendment Foundation, and other gun rights organizations, and works to preserve Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.